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There are musical groups for which it is necessary to mature. And there are albums that need to mature. Four years after the release of the last full-length album, bypassing a series of collaborations and experiments with like-minded Patimat Khripa, Vintersolverv and The Noktulians, Majdanek Waltz returns with a new album. The album, the songs for which were composed about ten years ago, during the classical works of the project, has found its final form now: verified, very personal, chamber. The musicians left behind noise landscapes and experiments with sound, presenting an emotional, almost completely acoustic sound canvas, again recalling the reason why they were once called "the best group of Russian dark folk."

Nineteen people took part in the recording of the album, among others, Andrzej Zakharishchev von Brausch (Obermaneken), Alexander Ionov (Fire, Region-77), Alexey and Elena Sheptunovs (Moon Far Away).
Mastering by Jhonnie Kratong (Romowe Rikoito, Kratong).

The album was published in three formats: a standard CD, a limited-edition cassette in a cardboard box and a collector's two-disc edition in a mini-vinyl envelope, supplemented by the single "Your Traits" ("Òâîè ×åðòû") and a set of four postcards.


   Aleister Crowley's poems translated into Russian were first published in 2017 – the same year we release the album on which musicians inspired by his works create their sonic dedication. This album was created by Russian dark scene musicians who have never met before but have been following each other's activities for a long time – Majdanek Waltz and Denis Tretyakov. The latter professes his own religion which implies faith in a mole as an underground deity. Being the leader of two bands – "Tserkov' Detstva (Church of Childhood)" and "Bratya Tuluzovy (The Tuluzov Brothers)" – for the first time he acted as a reciter of poems. Majdanek Waltz from Ryazan' remembered their early musical experiments and primary sources of inspiration. Priceless support was granted by the secret musical project The Noktulians. The final black balance was masterfully adjusted by the member of Reutoff and Otzepenevshiye – ArSch aka Myrrman. Apart from all other obvious jubilees and important round dates, 2017 marks the 70-year anniversary of Aleister Crowley's death. This recording should close the gap of the jubilee list of the year. Instead of the always fashionable red stars better use this black digipak. Put it in windows, nail it to the front door, take it with you wherever you go. "Every man and every woman is a star".




   MAJDANEK WALTZ "Die Blinden Schützen" 2016

6-panel digipack with slipcase
Compact Disc (CD)
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   MAJDANEK WALTZ is confirmed for the international festival Wave Gotik Treffen.
Our playing day is Saturday, 23rd May, Leipzig/Germany.
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MAJDANEK WALTZ “Nachtlied” 2014

Infinite Fog Productions presents a new full-length album of one of the most notable projects in the Russian post-industrial scene. "Nachtlied" is the second part of a planned trilogy, first one was album "Tenebrae" 2011, joint release with Sal Solaris.

Recorded "Nachtleid" attended by 13 musicians - piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, flute, trumpet, oboe. And well known band Reutoff play as guests on album.

Those who have been following the work of Majdanek Waltz, usually notice evolution of their ark, complexity of the structure of the compositions, strength and mature of reflection, the depth of sound, all this quality increases from album to album and not an exaggeration to say that with "Nachtlied" group revealed deeper their potential.

"Nachtlied" in a good way very cinematic album that draws more than hour-long picture, which we hope will please fans of the band, as well as us. Pavel Blyumkin characteristic vocal accompaniment neoclassicism, neofolk, dark ambient, martial ... to give a description of the project by means of music tags has long been a pointless, but corporate identity MW still remains easily recognizable.


Majdanek Waltz - LVCIFER (2013)

Nadeln Prod, NaP.VI
limited edition: 13 numbered copies, handmade.




Majdanek Waltz
"Where the secret sleeps forever"

The best neofolk project of Russia MAJDANEK WALTZ fills the lacune in the creative program, and now something has to be changed. Let us explain: the single "Where the secret sleeps forever" is a musical transcription of the poem of Sergey Esenin. Surprisingly, this is the first time MAJDANEK WALTZ turn to the poetic heritage of their countryman, but consonance of souls is felt from the first sounds. Esenin's melancholy is fully translated into dialogue of viola and flute, strict recitation and drumming handwriting of domra. Words and sounds slide down like heavy tears to the expance, changing to Ryazan wasteland: "I'm a guest just accidental / At your mountains, my land." Among the guest musicians to record the song was the singer Rada Anchevskaya.


Photo gallery from the latest gig: MW and Rome.
Our bandcamp.


Majdanek Waltz / Sal Solaris

A collaboration album by two prominent Russian post-industrial projects Majdanek Waltz and Sal Solaris. The conceptual core of the record is the poetry of Paul Celan, one of the major German-language poets of the post-World War II era. His cryptic fractured lyrics spoken in a specific estranged way by Pavel Blumkin is enchased by a weird fusion of avant-garde neoclassic and dark ambient music.

This record will seem unusual even for those who are already familiar with the works of both projects. Here you won't find neither soulful neofolk songs, nor strong power ambient - instead the decadent sounds of violin, cello, clarinet, piano and bayan from Majdanek Waltz blend with shimmering electronic drones and uneasy soundscapes of Sal Solaris in paradoxical unity making your heart throb painfully. The last track features the haunting voice of Rada Anchevskaya (Rada & Ternovnik).

It won't be so easy to fall in love with this album from the first spin. It's like an eerie irrational dream able to frighten and cause a desire to wake up somewhat quicker. But the depth of this dream lures and makes you return and experience it again and again.

"This is time's eye: it squints out from under a seven-hued eyebrow. Its lid is washed clean by fires; its tear is hot stream. Towards it the blind star flies and melts at the eyelash that's hotter; it's growing warm in the world and the dead burgeon and flower".

You can watch the short album teaser
You can order the album
here and here.


Majdanek Waltz "The Harvest"

"The Harvest" is the final part of Majdanek Waltz's trilogy. The record is a retrospective of the group's irregularity. In addition to classic style touches, it widely represents the experimental abyss of the group. Among the persons who participated in this album - besides the author of texts Georg Heym, a flutist, a cellist, and general members of Majdanek Waltz - Saint-Petersburg project Anthesteria worked on the recording. Edition of 250 numbered copies.
The disc was released November 9, 2009, by
kultFRONT label (St. Petersburg)


Majdanek Waltz "Ophelia"

"Ophelia" is the second part of a trilogy by Majdanek Waltz. This disc can be considered as evolution of the musical and lyrical essence of the band introduced by the "Hamlet's Childhood" album, and is based on original acoustic music of the band coupled with the lyrics of the German early XX century expressionist poets Paul Zech and Georg Heym. All compositions are published for the first time.

The CD was released on October 9, 2009 by joint efforts of the Moscow label
Wroth Emitter and St. Petersburg label kultFRONT.

The MAJDANEK WALTZ album “Ashes” will be released on 09.09.09. by NADELN Prod.
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Majdanek Waltz  "Ashes"

«Ashes» is the first part of MAJDANEK WALTZ trilogy. This album contains all tracks which were previously recorded exclusively for the compilations, different versions of some compositions also released on the compilations and new unreleased tracks.
MAJDANEK WALTZ stays within their own tradition – melancholic and twilight, anxious and «transparent» neo-folk with brilliant fragments of embracing darkness and martial atmosphere. All the texts are in Russian.

October, 19 – Moscow – for the first time in Russia a concert-show of European neo-folk leaders

Sonne Hagal
(Germany) and :Of The Wand And The Moon:
is taking place in the “Dom”; Majdanek Waltz (Russia)
participating in the performance.

MAJDANEK WALTZ T-shirts printed (Single-sided printing, phosphorescent dye used.
Image glows in the dark! Sizes from XS to XXL, 100 pieces total).

New release of the INDIE-VID line:
Majdanek Waltz "Black Sun"
The album can be purchased in the store chain of
Soyuz and on the site Ozon.

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